End of Year Home Check-list


End of Year Home Check-list

Whether 2018 flew by or you just cannot wait until the New Year, it is no secret that the countdown is on. Between holiday festivities with family, wrapping up the year at work, and just trying to find a minute to enjoy the season, this time of year can be overwhelming. However, these few weeks are also the perfect opportunity to work a little harder and set yourself up for success in the New Year.

Before you ring in 2019, set your home up for the year ahead by completing this checklist:

  • Clean up the area: Between the falling leaves of autumn and the first snowfalls of the season, your home’s exterior can take a beating. Start the New Year fresh by taking the time now to clean out your home’s gutters and clear your foundation of any lingering debris.

  • Inspect insulation: Even though the year is ending, the coldest months are yet to come. Before the below zero wind chills begin, inspect your home’s insulation. Make sure your attic and siding are both appropriately covered. Also make sure there are no cracks in windows that could let cold air sneak in. Fix any problem areas accordingly, and quickly.

  • Maintain temperature: One of the best ways to protect your home’s health is to maintain a good temperature inside of it. Having proper insulation will help, as well as setting your thermostat around 72 degrees Fahrenheit. This will keep your pipes from freezing, and your entire family comfortable.

  • Start planning for spring: Sometimes the easiest way to get through those bitter winter days is to have a project to look forward to when the seasons change. Before 2018 ends, brainstorm priority projects for 2019 and start planning how and when they will be accomplished in the New Year.

Getting your home ready for 2019 doesn’t have to be difficult. By doing a quick clean of your house’s exterior to patching a few pieces of insulation to working with the experts at Total Home KC to plan your projects for the seasons ahead, checking off this list of to-do’s now will make for a productive, successful, and happy New Year.

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Kansas City Fall Home Checklist


The summer temperatures are still in full effect in Kansas City, but before long fall will be in full swing. Is your home ready?

School may already be back in session, but before summer officially ends on September 21st, tackle these tasks and set your home up for success for the colder seasons ahead.

Inspect Your Insulation
Your home’s insulation is the barrier that protects you and your family from the outside elements. However, this barrier can break down over time leading to an increase of problems when it comes to pests and electric bills. Make sure your home is well insulated for the fall by inspecting problem areas like your attic, or worn siding, as well as other insulating factors like window and door seals.


Get a New Coat
The end of summer is the perfect time to invest in a new coat of paint for your home. Whether you choose an exterior or interior refresh, a new paint color and coat will being new vibrancy to your home that you can enjoy this fall and for years to come.

Repair Problem Areas
Sure, that window that won’t quite shut all of the way didn’t seem like a big problem this summer, but with colder temperatures on the way, now is the time to get it replaced. Partner with the Kansas City window replacement experts at Total Home KC to find a new style that fits your home and budget.

Do a Quick Clean
After endless days spent outside this summer, there’s a good chance your yard could use a cleaning. Pick up any toys or tools laying around your house, not only to alleviate your neighbors from the eyesores and to give your space a fresh start for fall, but also to ensure your exterior siding and paint don’t get damaged.

When you take the time now to complete these home projects, you will not only get on the top of remodelers’ schedules, but you will also be able to enjoy the busy seasons ahead with a priceless peace of mind. A little home care goes a long way when it comes to preventative chores before fall and winter, so go ahead, send summer off with a fully checked to-do list and a home that’s prepared for the next Kansas City season.

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​Kansas City Kitchen Remodel in Time for the Holidays


The pumpkin pie may still be months away and the far-off sound of jingle bells barely audible, but now is the perfect time to start a kitchen remodel so it can be ready for the holiday season. From partial renovations to entire kitchen remodels, Total Home KC is ready to help you get the Kansas City kitchen of your dreams - all before the turkey goes into the oven.

Some of the kitchen remodel ideas to keep in mind prior to the holiday season include:

 Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC

Your kitchen’s backsplash gives your space character. Bring new life into your space for the holidays with a new tile or stone backsplash that complements the overall theme of your house. From geometric to whimsical, a backsplash remodel will give your home the gift of increased value and personality.

We know just how much you want to swap out those dated wood grain cabinets for a sleek, sophisticated style. This year, replace your old shelving with new white, neutral cabinetry, or even open storage. These clean looks will complement any home - rustic or contemporary.

It has been on your Christmas list for years, so now is a great time to finally treat yourself to a new stone countertop. Ditch your worn laminate for your favorite stone design, which will add instant value to your kitchen. Plus, just imagine how great your annual cookie baking will be with a brand new backdrop.

Your kitchen floor will see a lot of foot traffic this holiday season. Make sure it is in the best shape possible by investing in a new style. From tile to hardwood to everything in-between, a new floor will make your kitchen feel like an entirely new space.

Whether you opt for one or two kitchen remodeling projects or choose to go all in with a full kitchen renovation, the experts at Total Home KC are ready to help you get your kitchen ready for hosting, cooking, and more this holiday season. Consider it an early Christmas present to yourself that you can enjoy for years to come.

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Trending Shower Styles In Remodeling

Trending Shower Styles

Your home shower is a vital part of your every day routine, which is why it should be treated like the staple that it is during your remodel. You spend a good chunk of time in your shower each day, which is why it is so important that you choose a style that not only will work for your lifestyle and complement the aesthetic of your home, but also stand the test of time.

Before starting your next bathroom remodel, find the style that is right for you by exploring 2018’s top trending showers:

 Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC

Convenient Corners
If you have a small bathroom that you don’t plan on expanding any time soon, a small shower is the way to go. These styles fit snugly into the corner of your bathroom, allowing for optimal space for both your open floor, as well as the shower itself. Tiny but mighty, these showers give you the most value and convenience.


Natural Lighting
Indulge each morning in the natural lighting of the sunrise with this style that incorporates windows into the setup around your shower. This thoughtful lighting not only providesa relaxed atmosphere, but also allows for you to cut down on electric bills, since the natural light does the job of most overhead bulbs.


Luxurious Space
If you have a little extra room to spare, consider installing an oversized shower in your master bath. This layout will give you the extra space you crave while showering, while adding immense value to your home overall.

Whether you choose one trending style or opt for elements from more than one (like an oversized shower that features natural lighting), give your shower an upgrade during your next remodel. When you do, you will be adding value and style to your home that will last for many years to come.

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Three Ways To Use Stone in Your Home

Three Ways to Use Stone in Your Home

Like most homeowners looking to remodel, there is a good chance you are ready for a change. You are ready to swap that old window for a new model, that faded paint for a brighter color, and all of the rest of those dated, dented, and dull areas of your home for something beautiful that will last. When you use stone elements in your remodel, you will bring new life and value to your home.

From quartz to marble to every shade and style in-between, stone elements are a great way to increase the style and durability of your space.Pick your favorite stone, and transform your home with one of these three popular uses:

 Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC


Arguably the most common use for stone within many modern homes, countertops are a great way to incorporate your favorite style. From luxurious marble to bold quartz patterns and more, stone countertops are a durable, beautiful alternative to traditional laminate.

 Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC


Mostly found in the form of tile, stone backsplashes are a practical yet stylish choice for your kitchen remodel. Ranging from classic white to bold colors in intricate patterns, a stone backsplash adds not only tremendous value to your home, but also undeniable character.

 Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC

Whether as a column, doorway, or other structural piece, stone additions to your home can turn even the most standard of areas into a work of art. By choosing stone bases for areas of your house that need a little more strength or even just a touch of extra personality, you will be able to show off your style in a unique, functional way.

Whether you opt to use stone in your next home remodel as an accent piece, like in your kitchen backsplash, or decide to commit to incorporating larger focal points, like through columns, your home will be transformed in both style and value.

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Questions to ask your Contractor Before Remodeling


You’ve done it. You’ve finally decided to take the leap and remodel your home. After months (or even years) of preparation, a new home project is an exciting way to boost your house’s value and style. However, before you take a sledgehammer to that old countertop or begin prying away that faded linoleum, make sure you ask your contractor the following questions:

Can you show me some examples of past work similar to my design plan?
The best way to know whether or not a contractor can tackle the design you’ve dreamed up for your home is to see if they have completed a similar project in the past. Ask to see pictures of the final remodel, and figure out if that work fits your wants and needs.

What is your timeline?
While schedules change due to hiccups, make sure to get a good estimate as to how long your particular remodel will take. By mapping out a schedule now, there will be little room for surprises later.

How do I contact you during the project?
While it may seem simple to just approach contractors while they are working on your home, establish a main point and method of contact so that no questions or concerns get lost during the process.

How will we settle problems that emerge?
If the tile has a problem or a pipe isn’t where it should be, you’ll need to know what the plan is to resolve issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. While no contractor hopes to have problems during the process, and most of the time do not, for your ease of mind, figure out this plan before work begins so you can rest easy knowing everything will be handled appropriately.

Your home remodel is a big investment of time, money, and energy. Before you begin, be sure all of your questions are answered so that you can make the most out of this exciting process.

To learn more about the remodeling process or to ask your own questions, visit Total Home KC today.



Reduce Home Temperature in Hot KC Summer

Summer is in full swing here in Kansas City, and along with BBQ and baseball, it has brought the hot weather we all have come to expect each Midwestern July. When cranking up the AC isn’t quite enough to save your home from the heat this summer, keep in mind these simple cooling down techniques:


Install New Siding
Your home’s siding is vital to keeping your place well-insulated and cool during the hot summer months. When your siding has cracks, holes, or warps, the cool air from inside of your house can easily escape, creating both higher temperatures and air conditioning bills. By replacing damaged siding, you will keep the cool, comfortable air inside all season long.


Keep Doors Closed
Sure, there’s something magical about swinging open patio doors on a summer day, but those doors, when left open for an extended period of time, let the hot air from the outdoors into your nice, cool house. Keep your doors shut this summer as much as possible to stop your cool air from escaping, and if you really want the open feel of the outdoors, opt for full glass paneled doors that will allow you to look out without letting the hot temperatures in.


Replace Windows
Like siding, your windows help to insulate your home and keep temperatures comfortable. However, when your windows have begun to rot, form holes, or simply have any minuscule opening, your insulation will deteriorate and home will suffer. As a bonus, look for styles with new, eco-friendly sun protection technology when you replace any dated windows in your home this summer.

Don’t let the summer heat get the best of you. Instead, cool down your home this summer by keeping the hot air out through increased insulation tactics - including new siding, windows, and keeping those doors shut. Follow these tips, and you’re guaranteed to have the coolest summer ever.

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Exterior Paint Trends in Kansas City Remodeling


Nothing improves the curb appeal of your home quite like a fresh coat of exterior paint. Whether your existing job is beginning to fade, crack, or stain, a fresh layer and color can bring new life to your home this summer. 

But how do you know which shade to pick?

When picking the paint for your home, consider these top trending colors of 2018:

Calming and clean, gray exterior paint is becoming more and more popular for home exteriors. Mainly featured on contemporary, modern homes, this paint color gives a sophisticated feel to your residence.

A more traditional take on exterior home color, soft beiges are one of the biggest trends in home design and remodel. Classic yet refreshing, light tones of beige are typically found on more rustic homes in Kansas City and throughout the country.

Soft Yellow
A bold, new trend in home color, soft yellow is one of the most popular exterior shades of the year. Bright and beautiful, this color gives a farmhouse chic feel to your home, while showing off your individual personality.

Light Blue
Modern yet timeless, light blue exterior paint is quickly becoming a top choice for homeowners wanting to give their place a little extra pop. This unique shade is a vibrant way for your home to stand out - in a good way.

This summer, give your home the care it deserves by choosing a top trending paint color of 2018. New exterior paint will not only keep your home looking great, but will also increase the overall value of your residence. So go ahead, pick a shade and start your new paint job today!

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2018 Home Remodel Trends


2018 Home Remodel Trends

Like any industry, home trends are always changing and evolving to meet the needs and wants of homeowners. Across the country, including here in Kansas City, home style trends are becoming bigger and bolder than ever before. 

As you start planning your next home remodel design, keep in mind these top 2018 trends:

 Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC

Bold Colors
From deep red to hunter green and more, bold colors are the latest style must-have. Used primarily as accents in neutral themed rooms, these colors pop with personality, and are a great way to create effortless focal points.


Little Luxuries
Elegant and sophisticated, a new trend this year in home design is to incorporate small luxurious features like gold hardware or other metallic accents. From tile that shimmers to mirrors plated in silver, these little details bring a big sense of luxury - even to suburbia.


Unconventional Storage
Stylish and functional, unconventional storage options like open shelving, wicker baskets fixed to a wall, or even mason jars lining bathroom countertops, are a great way to declutter and decorate. As simple or elaborate as you choose to make it, this storage technique shows off your personality in a way standard shelves and cabinets never can.

This year, take advantage of the latest home trends by incorporating them into your home remodel. While just small adjustments, these top picks are a bold investment and will pay off in both value and style for years to come.

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Kansas City Home Improvement

Summer Home Improvement Projects

Summer is just around the corner in the Kansas City area, and in addition to BBQ and baseball that means only one thing – a growing to-do list. With warmer weather often comes the task of tidying uKansas City summertime home improvementp and fixing aspects of your home that you’ve put off all winter (and let’s be honest, spring). However, some projects are more important than others.

To help keep your home in top-shape this summer, make sure these home improvement projects are at the top of your list:



Replace Windows
Does one of your windows have a broken seal or is the wood around it beginning to rot? Replace any windows that need upgraded this summer, and you will increase the value of your home, and save on energy costs.


From your driveway to your deck, a good power wash can go a long way. This deep cleaning will bring new life to your property while getting rid of the buildup of a brutal midwestern winter. But be careful – only use the power wash on a low fan setting for optimal results.


Repair Siding
This summer, take the time to actually do something about the bubbles or cracks in your siding by repairing it with the help of a professional from Total Home KC. By repairing any problem areas, you’ll cut down on long term costs as well.


Build an Outdoor Living Area
Summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors, so give yourself an excuse to go outside more by building a fire pit or patio. Depending on the scale, and your ambitions, these types of projects can be a fun weekend activity that pays off for years to come.

Before the heat of summer fully kicks in, cross off these home improvement projects from your to-do list. And once you’re done with them, consider adding a few finishing touches with a fresh coat of paint or even a new outdoor lighting system for your front yard – come August, you’ll be glad you did.

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