Natural Appeal Bathroom Remodel Take 2

Not all remodel jobs call for a complete demolition of the space. Sometimes, all a customer really needs is some color changes, and strategic updates.  


ThIs remodel, we foundly refer to as Natural Appeal, needed just that. A natural clean palette of color, and some fixture updates. We had already completed a master bathroom shower overhaul, so The homeowner opted to keep the second bathroom renovation simpler.  


The original cabinetry remained, and was  given an updated painted finish. The decision was made to set the tone for the bathroom by using a soothing taupe color. We are always open to keeping items that still function well, and save the homeowners money. With this bathroom, that meant keeping the nice large mirror. 


Of major importance in the style, and quality departments was the bathtub tile. The smaller retangular cuts of the tile really gave the tan color some interest. We were shooting for simple, yet interesting. 


We chose to carry the tile up in to the window well, to add architectural interest. An added bonus is the water resistant ledge that is provided by tiling it. It makes for a nice niche to decorate.  


Keeping with the natural look, we opted to keep the original wooden doors and trim. They meld well with the warmer tans and beige colors of the painted surfaces. 


Very simple 12X12 light tan porcelain tiles make the space appear open and clean. The slightly pinker beige wallcolor is a subtle contrast to the more yellow beige cabinet color. In keeping with all neutral tans, the space feels more tranquil. The ivory white marble counters throw a slight tan color vein throughout the slab. Chosen for their visual appeal, and functionality, the faucets were upgraded to new bolder chrome fixtures. The contrast of the cool silver metal pops nicely against the warm tans in the  counter, and wall color. 


Overall this space is now fresh, clean, and welcoming. A pleasant bathroom to prep for the homeowners busy day. We love it a when a renovation stays within a very responsible budget, and comes out looking like a much higher costing renovation. 



FAQ: When Should I Replace My Windows


FAQ: When Should I Replace My Windows

While you stare out of them every day watching the sunrise or trying to figure out what in the world your neighbors are doing, your home's windows are an often overlooked aspect of your house. In fact, many homeowners in the Kansas City area are living behind windows that desperately need replaced.

But how do you know when your windows should be replaced?

While timing varies depending on households and the damage severity of the structure, you should consider replacing your windows:


 When You Want to Increase Energy Efficiency 

As windows age, they lose their ability to be energy efficient. Because of gaps in stripping and other flaws that form with time, windows start to lose air to the outside, causing your heating and cooling system to have to work harder to keep your home comfortable. When you notice an increase in your electrical bill because of this, you need to consider replacing your windows.


 When the Window Leaks

Midwestern storms are crazy enough as they are without the frustration of leaking windows. Not only is a leaking window annoying, but the water can cause serious damage to walls, floors, and any other piece of your home that the leakage touches. To eliminate these threats, replace your leaking window as soon as possible.


 Every 25 Years

Even if your windows appear to be in top shape after more than two decades, it is best practice to replace them every 25 years. Of course, this timeframe depends greatly on the placement of your windows (structures in the West side of your home will need replaced more often due to heavy sun exposure), this number is a good rule of thumb to ensure your home remains in peak condition.

While replacing the glass in your window or tending to the frame can help prolong the life of your structure, it is best to always replace your windows before damage gets too out of hand to ensure that no further problems are spread to other aspects of your home, and to help keep your home looking and functioning at its absolute best.

To learn more and to start replacing the windows on your home, visit Total Home Remodeling today.


Benefits of Hiring a Remodeling Contractor


Benefits of Hiring a Remodeling Contractor

Like many homeowners in the Kansas City area, you may think that Remodeling your home is the perfect DIY project to tackle this fall. Replacing your house's siding or retiling the master bathroom can't be that hard, can it?

Stop right there.

Diving into major home projects without the help of remodeling experts can have disastrous outcomes. At best, taking on a tricky project can end with your home in rougher shape than before, and even worse, gives your spouse the freedom to harp "I told you so" for the next decade.

Before you start demoing your home with grandpa's trusty old sledgehammer, consider these benefits of hiring a remodeling contractor to help with your home project:

 Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC

Expert Advice
Sure, you may think that shiplap looks good now, but an expert remodeler will be able to show you the difference between a flashy trend, and a design choice that will give your home the lasting, classic aesthetic it deserves. Remodeling contractors will be able to help you choose the best plan for your home, while giving you the freedom to pick and choose from a slew of proven designs and stylish patterns that will increase the overall value of your home.


Professional Execution
Nothing is more frustrating than installing tile only to find that one is crooked, or getting splashes of red paint on your classic white crown molding. When you hire a professional to do your remodeling project, these amateur mistakes will instantly be eliminated, and your project will be completed with the kind of flawless execution that lasts for years to come.

 Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC

Quality Guarantee
When you hire a remodeling contractor, you are guaranteeing that your project gets done right the first time. Your siding will be insulated with the best possible technology, your bathroom faucets will be installed securely, and even the small things like the hardware on your kitchen cabinets will be fastened with optimal care. By working with a professional, your remodeling project will be completed with the upmost care that is often overlooked during a panicked DIY remodel.

Step away from your project, put down that sledgehammer, and call the experts at Total Home Remodeling. Our team of professionals is standing by and ready to help you design and execute your project in a way that is guaranteed to add style and value to your home.



Unused Attic to Flexible Living Space

Sometimes you just need to look up to find your new living space. These homeowners did just that. When we got called in to take a look at this home, we saw beyond an unused attic space, and visualized their dreams of a comfortable gathering space. 


Maximizing the feel of the space that they could truly live in was key in this remodel. Cost vs value was important to this family. We had to see if this additional living space would actually return the value of the remodel. That is really key to any remodel. When your home goes to sell, we hope you to get a return on your investment. 


Sky lights were a essential part of this remodel. The support beams added architectural interest, as well as structural support. The choice to keep to keep the ceiling area light and bright white, excentuates the tall vault. 

It is a great perspective to look back at the thought, and care taken in devising the floor plan. With locating the stairs where we did, we assured that your first step into the room, sets you up to enjoy this well lit space. This is not a cramped additional space squeezed in to an attic. This is just as free and spacious as a vaulted main floor living space. 

It is a great perspective to look back at the thought, and care taken in devising the floor plan. With locating the stairs where we did, we assured that your first step into the room, sets you up to enjoy this well lit space. This is not a cramped additional space squeezed in to an attic. This is just as free and spacious as a vaulted main floor living space. 


Warm tan brown walls feel soothing and inviting. We kept the layout linear to allow for furnishings to be oversized, and seat the most guests comfortably.  


We were happy to deliver a space that the homeowners will be eager to invite friends over to share in. Let us know how we can help you transform underutilized space in your home! 


Outside and Inside Living


Outside and Inside Living

With this remodel we have a chance to create a home that opens up to living well indoors, and out. With these gorgeous wooded views, you are beckoned to make the most of natural loving spaces. 


Already inviting, we are creating an interior living space that will match up with this exterior space.  The homeowners love sharing their home, but were deterred by the outdated spaces. We are working hard to bring their dreams to fruition. 


Older custom built homes have so much character! Like, the unique brick floor that spans this area. We take great care in preserving existing features that homeowners desire to keep. 

Opening up the space to maximize ease of use, meanwhile, preserving the architectural details. 

Opening up the space to maximize ease of use, meanwhile, preserving the architectural details. 


Underutilized basement space is about to get a facelift.   


It is a delight to see progress. Out with the original staircase, in with the new. The new look is rustic, but not "old world" style. Updated for today's look. 


Come back soon to see the newest updates!  



FAQ: Kitchen Backsplash Options For Remodeling

FAQ: What are the Backsplash Options for My Kitchen?

Let's face it - between breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all of those midnight snacks you don't admit to - you spend a lot of time in your kitchen. Whether preparing, reheating or sneaking food, your kitchen space is vital to the overall flow and aesthetic of your home. However, between courses of mac and cheese, many people overlook the importance of one culinary staple - your kitchen backsplash.

Primarily featured on the wall area between the top ofyour counters and the bottom of your upper cabinets, backsplash helps add texture and personality to your cooking space. But with seemingly endless options to choose from, how do you know which type is right for your home?

Some of the most popular and proven backsplashes include:



Most homes in the Kansas City area proudly feature classic backsplashes. These works of art are made up of square or rectangle tiles, often in neutral shades to help blend in with surrounding storage and hardware. The chic feel of this style is perfect for both traditional homes, as well contemporary abodes.



An up-and-coming trend, wooden backsplashes give your space a defined texture, as well as unique coloring that can only come from nature. Customizable and easy to install, this rustic touch is ideal for homes with warm, cabin tones.


Emerging in modern homes all over the Midwest, geometric backsplashes give contemporary kitchens a brilliant pop of accented detail, without overpowering the entire space. Choose from a pre-made pattern to give your kitchen a cutting-edge atmosphere, or even make your own to show off your personal style.

Your kitchen backsplash pulls together your entire culinary space. Whether you opt for a traditional set of tiles or go bold with wood, the materials, patterns, and colors you pick will help to create a space you will love, even while secretly eating icecream by the spoonful at 3am.

To learn more about your kitchen backsplash options, visit Total Home Remodeling today.


Natural Appeal Remodel Take 1


Natural Appeal Remodel Take 1

We took this master bath from Plain Jane, to gorgeous. Keeping with a similar color palette of neutral tones, we gave this dated bath a fresh new natural appeal.  


Before, there was too much repetitive tile work, and dated shower doors. Mauve pink wall color was not the color palette to stick with. It was time for a complete remodel. 


We installed the best cement board to assure that this home will have a great foundation of water resistant barrier. 


Beautifully stagger laid porcelain tile now gives the homeowner less grout to clean. The colors are simple enough to stand the test of time. We choose lighter colored grout to give the tile some pop! 


Thoughtful details like this recessed spot were added to make showering simple. The hexagon tile banner added interest to the shower, without adding too much more grout to clean. 


The hexagon tile was also used on the shower pan to assure that the shower space  had design consistency. 

The hardware was updated to oiled bronze to keep with some rustic feel. It also serves to create a bold contrast to the lighter colored tile. 

The hardware was updated to oiled bronze to keep with some rustic feel. It also serves to create a bold contrast to the lighter colored tile. 

The vanity area also took on a dramatic change for the better.  


Before the space was dark and dated.  


After remodel, we now have clean and highly functional. Plenty of storage to keep counters clutter free.


We kept the hardware and faucet in the oiled bronze finish. The dark tones show off like jewelry against the white marble countertops. Now since remodel, the homeowners have a bathroom that will make getting ready a delight. 


Stay tuned for the other bathroom that received a face lift in this home. More natural appeal to show off in the next space. 


Kitchen Remodel Before Photos


Kitchen Remodel Before Photos

What triggers the desire to remodel? For this homeowner there was a long list of needs and wants. We were called in, when the style and the space were no longer functional. They had items that they had purchased some items, that were headed in the right direction. The stainless steel fridge speaks to the modern direction they desired to go.  We sat down and cast a vision for the future that will surely make their dream kitchen a reality. 

The quality of the current cabniets was not holding up to the way that the kitchen is utilized. Function is usually one of the first triggers that homeowners experience. When trying to cook for the family, you become frustrated and making a meal becomes a major task. When we increase functionality in the space, the homeowners dreams of meals made around a joyful group of fellow family members, becomes a reality. 

The dated formica counters really needed to go! When you need to plate a hot meal, who wants to run from the stove to the sink across the kitchen?

The flooring was not holding up to the major kitchen traffic. It was also time to upgrade the style to meet the current kitchen trends. The new tile will tie the whole space together. The layout also left the homeowners wanting for a better gathering space. 

Lighting upgrades will be made to bring about that clean crisp modern feel they desire. The black appliances make a strong contrast to the white cabinets, but pop out too much. Our goal is to make a space that functions at the maximum capacity, looks beautiful, and feels warm and inviting. 

Check back as we headed to a completed kitchen that provides function with fashionable updates. 



Three Kitchen Storage Trends In Remodeling

Three Kitchen Storage Trends

Between dishes, cooking appliances, and of course food, kitchen storage space can be a tricky task to master. While having enough space to properly store your gadgets and grub is vital to the flow of your kitchen, it is also important to consider the style of storage you want, and how that storage will tie into the aesthetic of your culinary home remodel project.

Kitchen storage comes in many versions, each with their own unique quirks. Three current trends that are increasing in popularity across the Kansas City area include:

 Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC

Closed Cabinets

The most popular storage option, closed cabinets give you plenty of space to store your kitchen essentials, in a classic design style. These cabinets are great for keeping your space organized and feeling clean, and are easy to customize with paint and hardware. However, closed cabinets take up a lot of wall space, and can leave smaller kitchens feeling cramped.

 Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC

Window Displayed Storage
Similar to closed cabinets, window displayed storage gives your kitchen items a designated space within a boxed off area. However, instead of hiding the inhabitants of the shelving, window displayed shelving has a glass exterior in the doors which allows for all of the contents to be showcased. While uncommon, this storage type is perfect for showing off meaningful dishes and knick-knacks.


Open Shelving

Inspired by industrial kitchens, open shelving allows for fast access to all materials, without the hassle of slamming doors. This storage option is also great for making the most out of smaller spaces, since the openness helps to free up your culinary area. Ideal for modern homes, open shelving is quickly gaining traction as one of the most versatile storage options.

Gone are the days of boring kitchen storage. Swap out your predictable pantry for open shelving, or consider updating the hardware on your closed cabinets to help bring new life to your remodel. Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home, so give it the attention it deserves by installing new storage solutions today.

Learn more about kitchen storage options by visiting Total Home Remodeling.