Four Ways to Add Contemporary Flair to Your Home


Four Ways to Add Contemporary Flair to Your Home

All over Kansas City, the trend of contemporary homes is taking off. From new houses being built with it in mind to older homes in Waldo and Brookside remodeling in an attempt to embrace the sleek style, homeowners are beginning to trade in their rustic aesthetic for a more modern atmosphere.

Giving your home a contemporary flair doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, you can start updating your home with these four tricks today:

 Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC

Use Neutrals

Planning on painting your walls anytime soon? When it comes to giving your interior a modern facelift, neutral colors are the best. Clean shades like white or light gray not only make decorating a simple chore, but they also help to brighten the inside of your home, helping it to not only appear sleeker, but also bigger and more luxurious.


Install Stainless Steel Appliances
Sorry to break it to you, but that old green refrigerator your parents passed down to you just doesn't cut it in a contemporary home. When picking new appliances for your remodel, stainless steel units will add the modern look you are hoping for, while also complementing any existing rustic style your home is still holding on to.

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Opt for Metallic Details
One of the quickest and most budget friendly ways to add a touch of contemporary flair to your home is to switch out your old hardware for new, bright metallic shades. By utilizing stainless steel hardware on your cabinets, faucets, and more, you will effectively tie together the new theme of your house instantly.


Open Your Floor Plan
The calling card of contemporary homes is their open floor plan. This emerging style not only gives your home a new, hip flow, it also gives the illusion of increased square footage. Whether you open your floor plan simply by rearranging furniture and storage or go all out by taking down a few walls, this layout is the perfect way to give your home an update.

From DIY projects to major renovations, homeowners all across the country are turning their homes into contemporary paradises. Get started transforming yours with the help of Total Home KC, and enjoy the extra style and value for years to come.

To start planning your home's contemporary upgrade, visit Total Home KC today.



Pros and Cons of Major Flooring Options

Rustic, modern, or somewhere in between, one thing all homes have in common is the need for flooring. Often overlooked by homeowners starting the remodeling process due to its predictability, the flooring you choose for your home sets the aesthetic for the entire space.

But what flooring is right for your home? Each major style has pros and cons to be argued, which can help you make the right decision for your remodel.


Pros: Hardwood floors are a classically chic option, perfect for any style of home. From cedar to cherry to even engineered wood, there are endless options when it comes to the hardwood flooring you install, giving you the freedom to make your space unique with this long-lasting style.

Cons: While stunning when taken care of, hardwood floors are temperamental and must be treated with care 24/7. This flooring style is easy to scratch, and can fall victim to water damage much quicker than other flooring options.

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Pros: Easy to maintain and reliable, tile flooring is most commonly found in bathrooms and laundry rooms, but is growing in popularity when it comes to main living spaces. Sleek and sophisticated, tile flooring allows you to make a statement with your chosen pattern, and stands up well to long years of use.

Cons: Because of its heavy durability, tile flooring is difficult to install. Plus, this hard texture can be painful to stand on for long periods of time, not to mention a cold wake up shock when you first get out of bed in the morning.

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Pros: Featured in almost every house in America, carpet has long been seen as a household staple. Cozy and warm, carpet is a soft alternative to other flooring, and makes for a simple installation process.

Cons: Due to its fabric material, carpet loses its value quickly, and needs to be replaced on a regular basis. Plus, this soft material is notorious for hiding allergens and other particles deep in its roots, making cleaning a difficult, never-ending task.

The flooring you choose for your remodel is vital to its success. Whether you opt for hardwood, tile, carpet, or even a combination of styles, your flooring should be a priority in your design decisions. However, as long as you do your research, test samples in the space, and take into consideration your long-term wants and needs, whatever flooring choice you make will be the right one.

To learn more about your flooring options, visit Total Home KC today.



FAQ:How Do I Keep My Home in Top Shape this Winter?

For many homeowners in the Kansas City area, the winter months are the most wonderful time of the year. Between holiday celebrations, starting a New Year, and wishing for snow days, this season can be magical - but it can also wreak havoc on your home.

From bitterly cold temperatures to dirt-ridden slush in your front entryway and more, winter can do some major damage to your house. This year, keep your home in top shape during these extreme months with a few simple tips: 

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Keep it Warm
With wind chills regularly falling below zero, your home has to work hard to stay warm enough to function in top condition. Not only is keeping your home warm important for comfort, but in the winter, your pipes have a habit of freezing, which can cause them to burst, leading to severe water damage. A great way to make sure your house, and pipe system, stays warm this winter is to always keep your furnace set to 55 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, and to secure all of your windows and doors with proper weatherstripping, or even replace those that are beyond repair, to stop warm air from escaping.


 Be Strategic with Rug Placement 

Nothing is quite as annoying as melted snow on your pristine hardwood floors. Avoid the mess, and the damage it can cause (like warped boards, dulled shine, and more) by strategically placing rugs in all high-traffic areas of your home. From the entryway to your living room and everywhere in between,these rugs will help catch the liquid as it comes in on shoes, and keep your floor dry and healthy all winter.


Reinforce Your Siding 

Problems are likely to arise when you have uneven, cracked, or unpatched siding during the winter months. Not only can warm air escape out of problematic siding much like it can through unsecured windows and doors, but the holes in your siding can also act as an open invitation to wildlife seeking shelter from the cold. Repairing your siding, or having an expert from Total Home KC do the job for you, will help keep your home warm, protected, and pest free when it matters the most.

Whether you love making snow angels or just wish spring would hurry up, protecting your home from the harsh effects of winter is easy, and will keep your property in top shape for the rest of the year to come.

To learn more about caring for your home this winter, visit Total Home KC today.



The Advantages of an Open Floor Plan

Everywhere you turn, houses are beginning to embrace the trend of the open floor plan. From your favorite celebrity designers to the neighbor three doors down, open floor plans are being utilized to help bring character to homes, no matter how new or old.

Whether written into the blueprints of a remodel or as a simple weekend project, transforming your home’s main living area into an open floor plan has a number of advantages. Some of the perks of open floor plans include:

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Updated Aesthetic
From modern to rustic, open floor plans are transforming the way living areas in homes all over the Kansas City area are approached. By including them in your design, this tactic gives homes an instant boost in style. Even if your home is over 30 years old, your space will look like it stepped out of the most modern architecture magazine once you incorporate this long-lasting trend.

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When you open up your home’s floor plan, you open up a whole new realm of possibilities. From binge-watching sessions to parties to game nights with the family, your space will automatically become more accessible, giving you the freedom and desire to spend more time in it.



Increase of Value
It is no secret that open floor plans add value to even the most dated of homes. By widening your living area, you add the illusion of extra square footage, giving your home an instant increase in value. Whether you are looking to sell your house or simply upgrade it for you and your spouse, an open floor plan is an investment that returns tenfold.

With so many advantages, you would think open floor plans are difficult to accomplish, when in reality, they can be simple. By hiring a professional remodeler like Total Home KC to incorporate it into your new full-scale remodel, or even simply spending a weekend freeing up your space by sifting through your things and maximizing smart storage techniques, you can open up your home in no time.

To learn more and to get started on giving your home an open floor plan today, visit Total Home KC.



FAQ: What Are the Best always to Prep My Home for a Midwestern Winter?

Jingle bells are ringing, department stores are bustling, and more than just Santa is on his way – that’s right, the chilly Midwestern winter weather is just about to hit the Kansas City Metro. Winter is a glorious time of year, but can also be a bitter one if you and your home are not properly prepared.

Before snowflakes start to dance in their mocking formation, get your home ready for the season ahead with these simple tricks:



Secure Your Siding
The siding on your house not only helps to keep the warm air in, but it also keeps that bone-numbing cold air out. When your siding has aged and has begun to crack, morph, or rot, you leave your home and family vulnerable to the drastic weather patterns known to sweep through the heartland in the midst of winter. Before temperatures drop too low, inspect your home’s siding and either patch or replace all problem areas to ensure a warm season ahead.



Get Your Yard Ready
Sure, you may love the winter months because they give you an excuse to stay inside and ignore yard work, but before you can lounge around, you need to prep your lawn. Start by winterizing your sprinkler system so no water is left to freeze and damage your pipes, then move onto clearing all debris away from your foundation – especially areas where leftover leaves could clog furnace airways. These simple tasks will help protect your property all winter.

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Replace Your Windows
Similar to your siding, your windows play a big role in ensuring your home stays efficient and warm in the winter. Give a thorough look over all of your windows in the late fall, and replace ones that either are malfunctioning, or repair those that need a bit more weatherstripping.

By prepping your home for winter, you will be able to maintain your property’s value and quality of life, even throughout the ice storms that are sure to plague the area soon. Kansas City winters are nothing if not harsh, so make sure you are prepared today by giving your home the best winterization care as possible.

To learn more about prepping your home for winter, visit Total Home KC today.



Pros and Cons of Gas and Wood Burning Fireplaces

As temperatures fall in the Kansas City area and daylight hours grow short, many homeowners are lighting up their fireplaces for added warmth and comfort. And those who aren't, are busy making plans to install a fireplace of their very own to help get them through the freezing months ahead.

When choosing which fireplace to install during your autumn renovation, it's important to keep in mind the pros and cons of the two most common types:


Popular in most modern homes, gas fireplaces are an easy way to instantly warm your home. Gas fireplaces are great because of their ease of use (in most cases you can flip a switch and see a flame in seconds), the beauty of their realistic fires, as well as their overall efficiency (the logs are made of ceramic, and eliminate the need or waste of real wood). However, gas fireplaces can become costly due to their need for certain fuel that can often run out when used regularly throughout a bitter Midwestern winter season.


Wood Burning
Traditional and rustic, wood burning fireplaces have been the norm for homes throughout centuries. Fireplaces that burn real wood are highly regarded thanks to the old-time ambiance they spread throughout a home, as well as giving you the choice of which wood to burn (different types burn at different speeds with varying scents). Wood burning fireplaces are also great because, unlike their gas counterparts, they require no electricity and will keep your home comfortable and warm even if the power goes out during one of Kansas City's notorious ice storms. However, while great for a number of reasons, wood burning fireplaces do require more upkeep to maintain, and additional work due to their need for real wooden logs.

No matter the type of fireplace you choose to install, Total Home Remodeling can help you find a style that fits your home and budget. Together with our friends at Fire Place and BBQ Center, our remodeling experts will have your house warmed up with a top-notch gas or wood burning fireplace this fall, that you can enjoy all winter long.

For more information on your fireplace options, visit Total Home Remodeling today.



FAQ: Do I Need a Bathtub in My House?

The most traditional way to bathe for centuries, bathtubs have often been thought of as a staple of American homes. However, with the convenience and efficiency of showers growing in popularity, many homeowners are considering getting rid of their tubs altogether. After all, does your home really need a bathtub?

While ditching your tub can save space and give your home a modern feel, there are several reasons why your bathroom renovation should include keeping your bathtub. A few arguments for holding onto that old tub or even installing a new one include:


Resale Value

Even though you may not be an avid tub user, the next person looking to buy your house from you might. In the same way that painting every room in your home lime green affects your resale value, eliminating a bathtub from your floor plan can be dangerous to your house's worth.



Tubs are useful for more than just your daily dose of cleanliness. In fact, the basin of your tub is incredibly versatile and can be used for washing down several children at once, giving a good cleaning to bulky household items like laundry baskets or plastic shelves, and even hosing off the family dog.



There's nothing quite like coming home after a long day at work, and reading a good book while surrounded by suds. While not always the most practical or efficient way to bathe, bathtubs offer a sense of luxury and relaxation that showers simply don't.

While you may not use it every day, or even every week, a bathtub is an important piece of your home. Consider how a tub will increase both your home's function and value, and don't forget to make it a staple of your next bathroom remodel.

For more information on bathroom and tub remodels, visit Total Home Remodeling today.



Grand Entrances Set The Tone for the Remodel

This has to be the best front entry we have created. It set the tone for the huge kitchen remodel we did at the same time.  

 Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC

The choice of patterned carpet draws even more attention the stature of the staircase. Every detail was carefully chosen, to assure that the entry starts to unfold the story of the other complete main floor of this remodeled home. 

Looking through each doorway, you catch a glimpse of a well thought out space that compliments the room you are in.  

Looking through each doorway, you catch a glimpse of a well thought out space that compliments the room you are in.  

 Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC
 Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC

A neutral color palette lends to a feel of comfortable. The wood floor, and marble counters captures the full home palette, with colors in browns, creams, and grays. When it came to main family room space, we carried through neutrals, and then popped in cool blue hues.

 Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC

Looking up is sight to see! The ceiling detail added a traditional home feel to the space. We aimed to create a home that invited guests to feel like they could come and relax in warmth of the architecture.

 Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC Sarah Terranova Photography, Total Home KC

The dining room is anything but fussy.  Modern clean lines chairs pair well with the farmhouse curves of the dining table. In another design twist, the chandelier casts a more traditional glow on the whole space. A successful melding of three distinct decor styles are blended to make one stunning space. 

We will always look back at this remodel,  and be proud of the way that the spaces flow so seamlessly. We love it when a plan comes together! Stay tuned for more Kansas City remodels that make us say, “YES please”.   



FAQ: How Can I Warm Up My Home this Fall?

Fall is in full swing in the Kansas City metro, and that means chilly nights aren't far behind. While fall is a beautiful season full of color, bonfires, and haunted houses that make you scream like a child, this season is also notorious for teeth-chattering wind chills that can leave you shivering even inside of your own home.

With the threats of a Midwestern winter ahead, chances are, you are scrambling to warm up your home before the season hits in full effect. Luckily for you, warming up your home this autumn can be simple.



Seal Your Siding
Before ice storms become the norm, take advantage of a nice fall weekend to repair or replace any damaged siding on your home. Not only will new siding give your home the welcoming warmth of polished style, but secured siding will help to physically keep the warm air your furnace makes from escaping, leaving your home warm and comfortable for the dipping degrees ahead.

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Put on a Coat (of Paint)
While it won't necessarily warm up your home by degrees, a new coat of paint in your living room or kitchen will help liven up your space for the chilly season to come. Opt for neutral tones like brown or cream to help incorporate rustic flair to your house that is both a current interior design trend, and an easy way to add much-needed metaphorical warmth to your home.

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Light a Fire

Nothing says fall quite like a crackling fireplace, so light it up and revel in its guaranteed warmth in the months to come. Whether gas or wood, your fireplace will not only give your living room heat to enjoy, but it will also set a comforting warm tone for when you have friends and loved ones over to gather at your house this autumn.

Just because temperatures are dropping doesn't mean that you need to settle for mittens and scarves. With just a few adjustments to your home, you can warm up your space in more ways than one all season long.

To learn more about warming up your home this fall, visit Total Home Remodeling.



3 Tips for Making the Most of Your Remodel

The time has finally come. No, we're not talking about football season - we're talking about the time to take the plunge and start your remodeling project.

Big, small, indoor, or outdoor, starting a remodeling project can be a daunting task, but that doesn't mean it has to be difficult. In fact, here are three simple ways to make the most out of your home project:


Choose the Right Project

The first step of any home project is to decide on what you will be doing. Easy enough, right? When choosing which project to tackle in your house, just remember to be mindful of what you really need done, versus what you simply want done. Planning on adding a cinema screen to your basement? That’s great – just make sure any essential projects like leaking windows or cracked siding are completed first. By choosing the right project, you'll be able to get your remodel off to a stellar start.


Get Involved with the Vision
You're the one who will have to live in your home once the remodel is done, so get involved with the planning process to make sure you are getting out of it what you want. Do the shower dimensions look wrong? Is that paint color a little too purple for your tastes? Speak up and help lead the project every step of the way so that you can guarantee an end result you'll love.


Partner with a Professional
One of the best ways to make the most of whatever home project you choose to tackle is to hire a professional. By partnering with an expert like Total Home Remodeling, you will not only get industry-leading advice, but you will also receive construction you can trust. Remodelers like Total Home Remodeling will make sure your project is completed with top-quality standards, and will help you tackle every design challenge you face from day one, giving you the freedom to rest easy knowing your project is in worthy hands.

Don't waste your time with half-tackled projects and instead make the most of your remodel with careful planning, execution, and professional help. When you make the effort now, your finished remodel with thank you for years to come.

To learn more about making the most of your remodel, visit Total Home Remodeling today.