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Meet the Total Home KC Team

Pat Strand

Pat is one of those incredible human beings that would give you the shirt off his back, and somehow deliver the honest truth that it looks awful without making you feel bad over a beer- it’s a skill we all wish we had. He might look young, but he’s been in business 20 years, yup, 20!… next year he’ll be legal to buy booze:). Pat is: Tactful, honest, funny, real, creative, driven, fun, outgoing, respectful, and will wear a pair of lederhosen if you ask nicely.

Jake Matthew

Jake is a renaissance man, the kind that always gets picked first for a trivia team- kind of like google, but you can give him a high five (if you can reach that high) when he gives you the answer. Jake has been the window and siding specialist for over 8 years with Total Home- creating beautiful curb appeal that lasts a lifetime. Go Jake! Jake is: Wise, tall, meticulous, polite, kind, honest, thorough, caring, funny, and an amatuer cigar aficionado.

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