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4 Stunning Siding Options for Any Home

4 Stunning Siding Options for Any Home

Getting a new siding can be an exciting project. If you’ve been planning to install…

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living room

Through the Mill and to Your Home: Transforming Your Living Space with Reclaimed Wood

Wood has been used as a primary building material for as long as we can…

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When Should You Schedule Window Replacement?

When getting a window replacement, the best time is during the warm months. Chilly drafts…

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2020 Home Design Trends

Another year is upon us and so are new home design trends. Each year always…

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Kansas City Bathroom Remodel Inspiration

Although one of the smaller rooms in your home, your bathroom has a big impact…

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A Comprehensive Guide to Remodeling for a Child-Friendly Bathroom

Your children have outgrown the baby tub and are now ready to use the grown-up…

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What to Consider When Remodeling Trim

Learn how the little details like trim can change the look of your home and what to consider when choosing trim!
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Wood Floor Options in Kansas City

Ready to ditch your carpet? Check out these wood floor options!
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