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Exterior Paint Color Trends in Kansas City

Exterior Paint Color Trends In Kansas City

Every homeowner knows the importance of picking the right paint color for your house’s exterior. Not only should the chosen color show off the personality of your family, but it also needs to be long-lasting, and fit within the restrictions of your Home Owner’s Association. Luckily, picking an exterior paint color that is all of the above can be easy, especially when you partner with Total Home KC.

Three of the top exterior paint trends in Kansas City include:

Light Blue

We know what you’re thinking – you do not want to be that bold, electric blue house that stands out (in a bad way) from the rest in your neighborhood. Don’t worry – the soft blue paint color that is currently trending brings more of a relaxed atmosphere to your Kansas City home. Ideal for both contemporary and rustic houses, light blue exterior paint helps bring new life to your structure through its clean, calming aesthetic.


White exterior paint is all the rage both on HGTV and in local neighborhoods. The simplicity of this paint color helps homeowners to add their own personality through bold accents – like black metal porch railing or red shutters. Plus, white paint is a classic color that will never go out of style, no matter the house type.

Dark Beige

Walking the line between cream and brown, dark beige exterior paint is perfect for homes in the Kansas City area. This trending color brings an authentic, farmhouse feel to rustic homes, warming up the space instantly. The earth tone also fits perfectly within most Home Owner’s Association’s guidelines, saving you the hassle of having to pick a new shade late in the game.

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