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2018 Home Remodel Trends

2018 Home Remodel Trends

Like any industry, home trends are always changing and evolving to meet the needs and wants of homeowners. Across the country, including here in Kansas City, home style trends are becoming bigger and bolder than ever before.

As you start planning your next home remodel design, keep in mind these top 2018 trends:

Bold Colors
From deep red to hunter green and more, bold colors are the latest style must-have. Used primarily as accents in neutral themed rooms, these colors pop with personality, and are a great way to create effortless focal points.

Little Luxuries
Elegant and sophisticated, a new trend this year in home design is to incorporate small luxurious features like gold hardware or other metallic accents. From tile that shimmers to mirrors plated in silver, these little details bring a big sense of luxury – even to suburbia.

Unconventional Storage
Stylish and functional, unconventional storage options like open shelving, wicker baskets fixed to a wall, or even mason jars lining bathroom countertops, are a great way to declutter and decorate. As simple or elaborate as you choose to make it, this storage technique shows off your personality in a way standard shelves and cabinets never can.

This year, take advantage of the latest home trends by incorporating them into your home remodel. While just small adjustments, these top picks are a bold investment and will pay off in both value and style for years to come.

To learn more or to start your own home remodel, visit Total Home KC today.

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