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Empty Nest Beauty Take 2

The story is starting to unfold. Our homeowners have moved from a bustling household to empty nesters. The space is moving from traditional and closed off, to having a classic yet open feel. To get here we demoed and demoed some more. Taking down this many walls leaves a world of open spaces to become our homeowner’s vision of a perfect home. 

With every remodel we pride ourselves on keeping the character of the home’s structure, while creating a new space that speaks to the heart of the owners. This lovely couple is elegant but not stuffy. We are getting closer to seeing the bones of the home come in place. In the next phase, we will see their playful spirit paired with their classic style melded into a seamless remodeled home.

 The old oaky kitchen had beautiful wood, but now it is time for cleaner white elements. 

The old oaky kitchen had beautiful wood, but now it is time for cleaner white elements. 

As we progress, you will see we have completely relocated the kitchen from the front of the home to back. The original cramped galley kitchen is becoming an utterly different version of galley style kitchen. This transformation from the old traditional style kitchen with enclosed golden oak cabinets, will be revitalized in to a gleaming white space. Once finished it will feel like another world. 

Once completed, the kitchen will feel like a much larger space, and gain new found functionality. Special detail is being paid to the homeowner’s lifestyle. To meet their wine and dog loving needs we are including functional and fashionable kitchen details, such as the addition of wine storage, and a convenient pullout dog food bin. 

 Subfloor being laid, means progress.  

Subfloor being laid, means progress.  

Although, the old architectual details of this home were pretty, they were often placed in odd locations. When you have so many structures built in, it can brake up the flow of the home. The new design will allow for a beautiful feel as well comfortable movement. 

The sunroom spot remains, but access to it has completly opened up. The hall bath is getting it’s new face too. Next up, we get to start putting on the layers of the good stuff. Cabinets, and other well selected pieces are starting to arrive. Hang on for phase 3 of this beautiful empty nest remodel. Dreams are becoming a reality. We love this next phase! 


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