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Vintage Revival Remodel

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We took this bathroom down to the studs to create the overall look and feel of a vintage home with modern amenities. We all want optimal function out of the spaces in our home. A challenge can arise when homeowners desire to get modern functionality and keep the vintage feel. As we have progressed in technology, we expect to have a bathroom that looks as beautiful as it functions. 

 Before the space was cramped, pink, and dated. 

Before the space was cramped, pink, and dated. 

As dated as space can be, the home owners were ready to see a fresh bathroom.The space had beautiful bones, that we worked hard to bring  up to the standards of the homeowners. That beautiful claw foot tub was a keeper. The pink walls had to go. Once the studs were exposed, and we could assure that the structure was to code. We then applied the blue backer board that will keep this bathroom in tip top shape in the years to come. 

The homeowners also desired to keep that natural light. When the home was built, bathroom windows were inefficient. We provided Marvin Windows that will keep the utility bills down, and flood the room with gorgeous light. At this stage you can see the subtle bathroom floor Geologic Bronze tile. Chosen for its color and durability, the tile looks beautiful without taking away from the vintage appeal of the space. 

To keep in that same vein of retro style, we took the tile half way up the walls. The white Imperial Bianco tile was selected to achieve a clean modern feel.  The cool blue wall color is subtle retro throwback, but remains cool and modern in style. A common goal, we work to achieve in many old home remodels, is to keep the look historically accurate, but speak to a modern version of that time period. 

Metal vanity frame looks like it came straight out of an old home. The chrome finish of the Delta faucet is reminiscent of olden days, but hints of modern day, with the open spout cut into the top. When the water flows out, it makes a water feature worthy of watching. The  pairing gold bathroom accessories, and chrome  fixtures, strikes a vintage note. 

We welcomed the bathtub back in it’s much roomier space. Adorned by the chandelier light fixture, the claw foot bathtub takes the stage. Even the chrome pipes of the bathtub act as pleasing architectural details. We accomplished setting the scene for relaxing times in this vintage revival bathroom.  

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