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Mid Century Modern Remodel

The homeowners of this retro inspired space, are a young couple that desired to create an open kitchen and dining area. The remodeling goal was to have a space to entertain family and friends. The challenge was to keep the architecture true to the original  1960s mid-century ranch home, while gaining the function of a modern day home. We had an opportunity to take a couple’s dreams and aid them into making it a reality. 

The major structural change came from removing  part of the wall that existed between the kitchen and the dining room. This opened up a whole new world of entertaining space. Now it actually feels like they gained square footage by removing that section of wall. New updated appliances were added to give the homeowners fashionable function in a modern kitchen. The original hardwood flooring, was hidden under carpeting and was restored by local floor specialists. 

The table and chairs in the dining room are vintage pieces. Once reupholstered in the blue fabric, they keep with an updated retro appeal. The countertops that look similar to concrete, are made of a Quartz material by Caesarstone. The homeowners added hand crafted pieces, like the open walnut shelving. White glass backsplash in a white snow napier color, is pleasing to the eye in  a glass mosaic. A nod to the midcentury appeal can be seen in the  1960s cut of the mosaic. The mix of the  glass is frosted and some is clear for that tone-on-tone effect.

The couple made the cabinetry themselves, resurfacing them to allow the natural pattern of the grain to remain visible. They are not afraid of color in their home! The pops of color nod to the 1960s. The cool blue pantry doors are a modern throw back to the retro  palette.  They chose for the window trim and the door trim to be sealed in a natural stain. 

This home now has a throughly modern kitchen with an updated retro look. The custom touches of hand crafted pieces by the homeowners, brought together with our design and remodeling expertise have created a noteworthy space. Midcentury done right in our book! 

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