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Vintage Revival Kitchen

There was nothing typical about the place we started, and the direction he was taking when we arrived. This house is a 100 year old 4 square house in downtown Kansas City that had once been converted into a 2 story multi family home. When we first heard of the project, we only knew that the homeowner was working to change a multi family 2 story home, back into a single family home. His story unfolded as we learned that he had started this remodeling journey 15 years ago. There were the directions of previous architectural drawings, and unfinished work of previous contractors, then no progress for 15 years. When we took over the owner was overwhelmed by the scope of the work that had to be done, the vision that had to be realized by his new contractors, and the current state of disrepair of the home. 

As we surveyed that lay of the land, which at the time was still in a state of demo, the challenge was to see the homeowner’s ultimate vision. In order to successfully complete this remodel, our wise designer JoAnn asked him to set aside the plans of the past, and recast a plan that we would complete to be their forever home. She looked over the previous attempts to remodel the space, and saw the heart of what mattered to the homeowner. A progressive visionary, this homeowner has a passion for flexibility, advancement, and growth. He is not afraid to be open to doing things that only others dream of. As for this remodel, his hopes of having a home that is imaginative and flexible, had stalled out the other more traditional home remodelers. We were more than up for the challenge of hearing his dreams, and making his vision a reality. 

Previous work had taken the front upstairs bedroom out to create a grand entry. He also desired a wide open space in the main downstairs living area. To accomplish that, he had the previous contractors remove the interior walls on that floor. Large metal beams were placed through the main floor to keep the home structurally sound. A previous room addition had been added at the back of the home to gain square footage. Much like the loft style homes in the downtown area, he want to see the space function with multiple uses. To accomplish a successful space, and build trust with the homeowner we tackled the kitchen first. Our reasoning was that it was a heavily utilized space that they had progressed the furthest in.

The design scheme for the kitchen was driven by the goal to meld rustic and industrial. He was adamant that he wanted to keep the home’s design from fitting into a typical, and specific genre of design. One guiding design factor was first realized in the rustic the pine shiplap already installed on the ceiling. JoAnn took in other design direction from his use of commercial kitchen pieces, and stainless steel garage tool boxes. A unique challenge presented itself in that he specified that nothing should be nailed in or permanently installed.

Given his background as a commercial bakery owner, he desired the space to have all of the function of commercial grade kitchens, but the warmth of an eat in domestic kitchen. JoAnn met this challenge, by not doing conventional cabinetry, and keeping almost everything on wheels. The large European antique looking armoire functions as pantry and storage. The original plain stainless sink unit, got a warm wood slab that will function as a breakfast bar. The stove was the one item that had to marry it’s location due to the gas lines installed in the wall. The home owner wanted to have industrial type concrete floors, but due to code, and HVAC needs, and the slab that the original addition was on, it could not be left uncovered. We came up with solution of a large scale porcelain bronze tile, that met the functional and aesthetic needs of the client. 

It is a space that truly takes into account the desires of a creative client, and meets the functionality of the way that they live in the space. We consider that a raging success! Stay tuned as we continue to make this Vintage Revival come to life. 

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