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Cinema Suite

Cinema Suite

This home owner wanted to take his work home with him. If we all had his job, we would bring our work home too.

The experience of going to the theater is a wonderful way to be drawn out of the present places in our lives, and get lost in the story played out on the screen.  This Theater Exec desired  to create a place for guests to feel welcome to come,eat, drink, and enjoy a top notch theater experience.  He envisioned a vibrant theater, and an additional, private restful space in the guest room suite.

One of the things we excel at is using space wisely. Our designer, JoAnn, cast the functional design vision with the home owners. She helped them decide how the space would flow, without adding additional costly construction expenses. When possible, we seek to not move the guts of the home. Her consideration of the existing plumbing drove the layout of the bar and bathroom. Instead, of a straight shot of a hallway, she chose to angle the storage, and required utility space, to create a unique journey to the theater space. 

Architectural details as in the, barn wood treatment behind the bar brings a weathered warmth to this otherwise modern space. Open shelving created even more visual interest by displaying the fave bar items. Finish choices such as, brushed nickel, and chrome set the tone to modern design. This is a state of the art theater space, and the look of the furnishings should reflect that feel. To keep it from becoming too cold and austere, the warm wood and brown tones in the flooring, speak to coziness. Theater chairs that will surely meet all of your comfort needs, beckon you to kick up your feet, and stay a while.

We look forward to hearing about all of the wonderful gatherings that this new space inspires. If you now have a sudden need to have your own basement transformed, give us a call! We would love to chat about the possibilities. 

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