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Fresh and Clean Kitchen Remodel

Fresh And Clean Kitchen Remodel

We spend way too much time in our kitchen not to love it.  The original space was not bad, but it was rather blah, and not up to date with modern kitchens. The beige tile was not doing anything for the look or the function of the space. 

The old gas range working, but not as highly functional as the homeowners desired. The wood fronted laminate counters also called for an upgrade. Again, it was a functioning kitchen, but did not highly functional for a home owner who loves to cook.

This project shows how you can take a simple kitchen from basic to beautiful. 


 Dated kitchen lacking in modern amenities.  

Dated kitchen lacking in modern amenities.  


Welcome to the new FRESH and CLEAN kitchen! We accomplished this clean look with white subway tile, and shaker cabinets paired with flat front drawers on the lower cabinets. The white contrasts beautifully with the black granite counter top. The new brushed nickel drawer pulls, and knobs, enhance the modern look. That stainless and black range really sets the tone of the space. All eyes of on that stunning new gas range! One item that we did keep original is the wood flooring. We kept it protected during construction, and enhanced it with a clear coat of poly. This worked to enhance the depth of the natural wood color, the met the homeowner’s desire to keep it original.

Notice how the microwave really blends into the upper cabinet space. Keeping it white helps it meld into the run of cabinets, and not distract form the real focal points of the kitchen. We thoughtfully planned out the task lighting that now illuminates the counter space. Now the kitchen is crisp, clean, and has top notch functionality. This is a design style that will last, and last. 

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