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The Heart of the Home

We have long heard that the kitchen is the heart of the home. That is probably because the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! The kitchen is the way to most all of our hearts because so many memories take place there. From a design standpoint we take the approach that the kitchen’s design defines the style for the rest of the home. In this design we paired country style cabinets with clean lined modern accents. The farmhouse sink adds warmth with a vintage feel, while the gleam from the cool stainless steel registers contemporary. 

Where the warm wood of the bar side of the counter meets up with the cool white marble sink side we see the meeting of fashion and function. The contrast is beautiful strong statement. We custom cut the elements to bring this most prominent feature to life. The functional design means that the materials can be used for the separate purposes: marble for food prep, and wood for serving.  

The stacked stone fireplace is another cooler element that is enhanced by the contrast of the introduction of a wooden element.  The worn timber makes a mantel that has history. Choosing elements to the design that do not match, shows the eclectic style of the homeowners. Now, they have a space that will continue to grow and change like their lives. With this flexible styled kitchen as the heartbeat of the home, they can lead towards modern when it suits them, or draw close to vintage style when the country elements are enhanced. 

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