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Kitchen Remodel Before Photos

What triggers the desire to remodel? For this homeowner there was a long list of needs and wants. We were called in, when the style and the space were no longer functional. They had items that they had purchased some items, that were headed in the right direction. The stainless steel fridge speaks to the modern direction they desired to go.  We sat down and cast a vision for the future that will surely make their dream kitchen a reality. 

The quality of the current cabniets was not holding up to the way that the kitchen is utilized. Function is usually one of the first triggers that homeowners experience. When trying to cook for the family, you become frustrated and making a meal becomes a major task. When we increase functionality in the space, the homeowners dreams of meals made around a joyful group of fellow family members, becomes a reality. 

The dated formica counters really needed to go! When you need to plate a hot meal, who wants to run from the stove to the sink across the kitchen?

The flooring was not holding up to the major kitchen traffic. It was also time to upgrade the style to meet the current kitchen trends. The new tile will tie the whole space together. The layout also left the homeowners wanting for a better gathering space. 

Lighting upgrades will be made to bring about that clean crisp modern feel they desire. The black appliances make a strong contrast to the white cabinets, but pop out too much. Our goal is to make a space that functions at the maximum capacity, looks beautiful, and feels warm and inviting. 

Check back as we headed to a completed kitchen that provides function with fashionable updates. 

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