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Natural Appeal Bathroom Remodel Take 2

Not all remodel jobs call for a complete demolition of the space. Sometimes, all a customer really needs is some color changes, and strategic updates.  

ThIs remodel, we foundly refer to as Natural Appeal, needed just that. A natural clean palette of color, and some fixture updates. We had already completed a master bathroom shower overhaul, so The homeowner opted to keep the second bathroom renovation simpler.  

The original cabinetry remained, and was  given an updated painted finish. The decision was made to set the tone for the bathroom by using a soothing taupe color. We are always open to keeping items that still function well, and save the homeowners money. With this bathroom, that meant keeping the nice large mirror. 

Of major importance in the style, and quality departments was the bathtub tile. The smaller retangular cuts of the tile really gave the tan color some interest. We were shooting for simple, yet interesting. 

We chose to carry the tile up in to the window well, to add architectural interest. An added bonus is the water resistant ledge that is provided by tiling it. It makes for a nice niche to decorate.  

Keeping with the natural look, we opted to keep the original wooden doors and trim. They meld well with the warmer tans and beige colors of the painted surfaces. 

Very simple 12X12 light tan porcelain tiles make the space appear open and clean. The slightly pinker beige wallcolor is a subtle contrast to the more yellow beige cabinet color. In keeping with all neutral tans, the space feels more tranquil. The ivory white marble counters throw a slight tan color vein throughout the slab. Chosen for their visual appeal, and functionality, the faucets were upgraded to new bolder chrome fixtures. The contrast of the cool silver metal pops nicely against the warm tans in the  counter, and wall color. 

Overall this space is now fresh, clean, and welcoming. A pleasant bathroom to prep for the homeowners busy day. We love it a when a renovation stays within a very responsible budget, and comes out looking like a much higher costing renovation. 


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